Aran Sweater project notes


  • Make increases on 1st row of every pattern repeat (every 8th row).
  • measured inner sleeve length on recipient’s other sweater & knit until this length was achieved rather than the length specified in the pattern before casting off 6 sts. This meant knitting 1 further pattern repeat after the pattern repeat where 102 sts were achieved.
  • WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS??? The neck decreases I don’t understand AT ALL. The maths doesn’t work. Nothing makes sense. Sleeves resting.

Sleeve decreases

After much thinking, gnashing of teeth, and consultation with extremely clever and helpful ravelry people I’m working the decreases like this:

  • “Cast off 24 stitches, and knit 14 together within the 24”: k2, (k2tog, k) 7 times, k1
  • Cast off 3 sts 2 times 

This actually resulted in 1 more decrease than the pattern stated, so I skipped the last decrease after the 2*3 st cast off.


    Honeycomb pattern 

    Slightly confused over the honeycomb pattern as it asks to work a 8-stitch repeat over 52 stitches, which doesn’t add up. I worked 6.5 repeats of the pattern over 52 stitches – looks OK but I am still confused over why it’s written as a 8-stitch repeat when it’s not knit like that?

    Decreasing while casting off

    After much asking around on ravelry I think I finally understand how the decreases while casting off work, and now I feel a bit thick for being so extremely confused. For the front of the body, I need to cast off 48 sts for the neck opening, and decrease 12 sts while casting off. This all happened on a purl row. 

    • I used p1, (p1, psso) as the basic cast off method.
    • The neckline thus becomes p1, *(p1, psso) 2 times; p2tog, psso* p1 


    Purling 2 together…  
     …and slipping the last stitch over the p2tog stitch.

    The result is a pretty flat neckline. It still flares a tiny bit (will fix in blocking…) so I do understand the reason for decreasing while casting off. 
    Very poor photo quality, but I started knitting late tonight. 

    Back decreases

    • 144 sts to cast off, instructions call for 36 k2togs within the 144.
    • I used the fantastic website for calculating decreases and came up with the following pattern for decreasing within the cast offs:
    • So basically every stitch is cast off after it’s been knit according to the schedule above. It’s not exactly how the pattern puts it, but it looks fine to me! 

    Setting in the sleeve

    I spent a long time matching up the pieces, and my best piece of advice here is to work the sleeves and the body like you would if you were stitching on a set in sleeve while sewing a top. I put in lots of pins to match the 50%, 25%, 12.5% points for every section I was stitching together, and gently stretched and pinned the pieces together. This way the sleeves get sewed in evenly, even though some sections are a little baggier than the section they’re supposed to match.


    The collar

    I didn’t use the pattern instruction as they made no sense. I picked up 25 sts along each side, 40 sts across the back, and 46 sts across the front. That’s more or less just how  it worked out, I marked each section and recounted several times to make sure I got an even number.
    I knit 1 row before starting the 1*1 ribbing.


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