Siri the great

The pattern

Everyone seems to be knitting a Siri! I have had my eyes on this pattern for a while, but only got my act together to knit it after it was discussed in one of the knitting pods I listen to.

This cardigan is knit in one piece, with no seams at all. I followed the pattern to the letter part from adding some shaping at the waist. With hindsight I don’t think it needs it.

The yarn

Magasin duett supersoft in pea green, 100% wool, held double. I used approximately 7 balls of yarn.

The knitting

This was a fast knit once I worked out the yoke pattern. The stitches used to create the leaf pattern were completely new to me and it took about three goes of knitting and ripping up before I ‘got it’ and the yoke looked nice. After this initial hurdle it was a very fast knit. The body and sleeves is all stocking stitch, so very good and relaxed knitting.

Knitting on a hotel balcony in Italy

I used a no-flare ribbed cast off I’ve used many times before, and it’s still one of the best cast offs for ribbed edges I’ve come across.

The finished project

I can confirm that this is a FANTASTIC  cardigan! I have used it SO much! The yarn does indeed become supersoft after wearing and washing a few times, and I practically live in this cardigan now. Love it!


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