The pattern:
Juneberry Triangle by Jared Flood. I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while, and started knitting in Rowan Tweed but the size really didn’t work out.

The yarn:

I inherited some great 100% wool yarn from a great aunt. I think this is an aran weight wool yarn, and it looks hand dyed (definitely variegated and slightly unevenly spun).

The knitting:

SO fast! It took a few rows to get used to the double sided lace, but once I worked out how to do a backwards ssk (ssp) it was fairly easy. My lace reading got a lot better by doing this pattern, so I really recommend it as a challenge. 

The knitted on border was a very different finish to a shawl compared to what I’ve done before. It was very satisfying to work finishing rows of approximately 20 sts each compared to the 400+ sts I’m used to, but it made me very concerned about the amount of yarn required. I finished the shawl with about 1m left!

The fishing:

Wet blocking with pins. I received some money for my birthday and will invest in some blocking wires. It would be perfect to run three sets of wires, one through the straight edge, one through the knitted on edge, and one through the final edge. At the moment it is quite uneven, but as it’s a very large shawl I don’t think it will show… 

Judgement after wearing:

Warm, but not quite wide enough to be able to wrap comfortably (keeps sliding off the shoulder when wrapped). Works well when just resting on the shoulders.


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