FO: baby flea cardigan

This was meant to be a stash-only project. Lots and lots of colour matching resulted in… Me buying some new yarn. Mini skeins from etsy – so cute and a great way to get small amounts of contrast colour.

The pattern

Baby flea cardigan. Well written, clearly charted. I couldn’t get the crochet cast on to look good, so I abandoned the top-down construction and knit bottom-up instead. 

The yarn

  • Some fingering weight with labels missing, maybe Patons?
  • A set of mini skeins from the Wooly Lion shop on Etsy

The knitting

Very straightforward. The main challenge was to get the tension right on the flea stitch, and I can tell that some rows have tighter floats than others. 

Steeked, knit button bands by picking up 98 sts on each side, then machine stitched to reinforce and  cut open.
The finished object

Very pleased!


3 thoughts on “FO: baby flea cardigan

  1. So sweet! I am not sure if I prefer to refer to them as Lice or Fleas. LOL! Either name creeps me out. Great job on the colors and knitting, can’t tell anything is off with the floats.


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