Crazy coloured baby flea cardigan

Finally finished!

The pattern:

Baby flea jacket by Pinneguri. So many people in my Instagram feed were knitting this, and I couldn’t resist making one myself. 

The yarn:

I had some leftover balls of patons in white and red. Then I played around with some leftover bits of fingering weight yarn, but didn’t like the colour combinations. I have written about my issues with colour combinations before… 

The final mix is patons for the body and sleeves, and mini skeins from the woolly lion for the yoke and detailing on body and sleeves. 

The colours were picked first for contrast, but then I had to add some more as I was running very low on yarn. The combinations ended up being more or less improvised, with several charts reworked a number of times as I either ran out of yarn in one colour or the combinations didn’t work out.

I’m very pleased with the end result, a very funky and colourful yoke!


It worked very well from a colour combination point of view:

The knitting:

I made about three starts with the normal pattern instructions, but my 3 mm circular needle is so twisted and mangled from extensive use that I couldn’t get the knitting in the round without twisting to work. So I gave up and started from the bottom up instead, which was much easier. 

This did mean reading the charts backwards and working decreases instead of increases, which generally worked well. I made some mistakes early on and added my own improvised section as I didn’t carry on the flea pattern after I cast on for the sleeves. I think that section stands out, and if I make this again I will definitely get a new 3mm needle and go top down.


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