FO: semi formal shawl

The pattern
A free ravelry one, which I stumbled on randomly one evening. A crescent shaped shawl with a lace border.

The yarn

Left over gunnerside from the epic Aran sweater. Rowan tweed (discontinued) in Gunnerside, a grey-blue colour.

The knitting

Fast! Fun! But long cast on. I’ve only knitted triangular shawls before where the cast-on is usually 6-9 sts, this one starts with the lace edge and has over 200.

The short row instructions don’t wrap and turn, but because of the decreases that are worked at the same time as the turning the wrapping isn’t needed. No holes at all!

It took me ages to get around to block it, but this was a project that really needed it, it looks so much nicer when properly stretched out.


The finished object

A nice little shawl. Would not knit with fingering weight yarn without casting on more sts as the size is perfect with DK and heavy blocking. Would be very nice in a soft worsted weight yarn too.



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