Colour choice

My next toddler project will very likely be the amazing baby flea cardigan, which I can use some stash yarn for. However, I didn’t have enough in different colours for the yoke, so I ordered some mini skeins of fingering weight yarn to give me some more options.

And now I’m completely paralysed. 

The colours are too nice, and there are too many combinations and what if I don’t make the right one?! As they’re mini skeins I’m not sure if there is enough yardage to allow me to properly swatch, so I’m trying out different combinations by just placing the skeins next to each other and agonising.

Thankfully I recently read this post on colour choice, and then this one and realised there’s a whole new aspect to colour choice to be made.

I arranged my mini skeins according to the black and white shade:

And promptly realised that some of my desired combinations would not work well. 

This is currently the runner-up (with some white), but I’ve still got quite some ways to go on my Riddari before I can cast on for this project so I expect plenty of changes…



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