Failure Season

The past few months have not been the successful knitting months I had hoped for. I hit serious tension problems when working on the mini solja, and had to conclude that I couldn’t knit it with DK weight yarn. I then tried to order a pattern based on my actual tension, with limited success. I don’t think I’ve ever had to abandon and rip up so many projects. Finally I went for this little cardigan, which despite a pattern which is a bit confusing is turning out quite nice.  
I continued working on my springtime in Vienna socks, for the second time as the first version was far too tight over the foot.


 I hit a great knitting streak and finished both off quite quickly. Only to discover that I still can’t get them on properly. The feet fit, the calf fits, but the joining section (the top of the foot?) is far, far to tight. So rip and start again. Sometime. 

no more socks…
This is the first time I’ve completely ripped something up twice, but with the target still being to complete the project in the near future. It does feel a bit like a failure, but one I can live with for now.

To cheer myself up I cast in for the Riddari sweater for my husband, in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and it is dreamy to knit. So soft, and so fast!



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