Going through the Kon Mari-tidying method has been really liberating. We’ve given away so much stuff to charity, and I’ve managed to finance the purchase of the yarn for my next sweater project by selling things on eBay!

Yesterday evening, the turn came to my yarn. I rarely organise my stash, rarely use leftover bits, but keep loads as it can always be good to have.

The stash pile included a few weird swatches and a mini sock still on the needles.

Some ruthless sorting resulted in this:

I kept all the yarn that is earmarked for specific projects (or required for ongoing projects). I also kept the yarn that could definitely be used for future projects (e.g. 100g sock yarn, 3 skeins of lace yarn).

I also kept some that spark joy, even though I don’t have anything special in mind: 

Crazy spotted and golden green yarn bought at imagiknit in San Francisco, a fabulous yarn shop in the Castro. No idea what I’ll use it for, but it’s crazy enough that I have to keep it!

Less than 50g of 100% mink yarn, also from imagiknit. I made a pair of fingerless gloves with this but lost them on a walk with Lil’E when she was a tiny baby.

Some Noro yarn (I think), maybe half a ball left. I will find something for this! This is the only variegated yarn with a large range of colours that I’ve enjoyed knitting with.

Half a skein of spindlefrog fingering weight, bought at Stash in Putney which sadly closed several years ago. This is also variegated which I normally don’t like, but it’s more speckled and looked great in a pair of fingerless mittens I knit ages ago.

Now I know what I’ve got in my stash, can I actually get myself to knit something with yarn I already own? 😉


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