Set in sleeves

 No. No. No.

I’m not very good with sleeves when sewing, and have made a few disastrous attempts when I first started knitting. But with the Aran jumper, there was no other option. What was I thinking when I picked this pattern?!

I am stitching on the sleeves to the body in sections to make sure I don’t go to fast if I make a mistake. I use a similar technique to when I sew – tonnes of pins. I mark the middle of the section with a pin. And then the middle sections of the ‘side sections’, and then the middle sections of the smaller sections, and so on for both sides that are being joined together. Then I match up the pins, middle to middle, and stretch the slightly shorter side to fit. It’s like the opposite of sewing where one would baste a thread around the sleeve and slightly ruche the fabric to be able to fit into the armhole. 

The result? Not so bad after all. But it took all evening and stitching with the tweed yarn is a pain as it keeps breaking off.

One shoulder and half the side of a sleeve done, so much stitching to go!


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