Little Loki


The colours

Grey and yellow is a colour combination I haven’t really tried much before. Yellow is not a colour that particularly suits me, and combined with black it’s a bit too much like batman colours, but it looks fantastic against a dark grey background. I have been eyeing up yellow moss on grey rocks, yellow leaves on the Tarmac ground, yellow road markings… The combination is based on nature, but more urban than leaf or tree or flower colours.

The yarn

Cascade 220 worsted. Nothing fancy, but 100% wool that is affordable and has a great selection of colours. It’s also not too scratchy which makes it good for baby knitting. My first choice for 100% wool with fantastic colour selection is Jamieson & Smith, but I don’t think that would be a hit with Lil’E.


Colour ways:

The pattern
Loki by Ragga Eiríksdóttir I am slightly obsessed with patterned yokes at the moment. It’s a free pattern, but with no link from the ravelry pattern page. I found it here.

The knitting

I’ve knit so many fingering weight projects recently, it was extremely satisfying to be able to tear through a worsted weight one – it took less than 2 weeks in total. The pattern is extremely clear, and the only modification I did was to add 4 extra sts to the steek section, I’m not confident enough to steek with just 2 sts in my border. I knit the body on 5 mm needles, and the yoke on 5.5 mm. All my cables for my circular needles were busy on other projects so I did the whole cardigan on dpns.



For the button bands I cast on 66 sts and knit 5 rows, including the buttonhole. I knit 6 buttonholes and added fabric covered buttons.


Blocked and finished!


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