Fifth time lucky (?)

imageCasting on for the body piece is a real pain. I usually use the long tail method, but with the tweed yarn this REALLY doesn’t work. The yarn breaks so often, and it’s really hard to get even stitches and not some that are way looser than others due to the little bumps in the yarn that sort of snag. I also tried a very simple looping method (not sure what it’s actually called) but that resulted in the failed mobius twisted hem). I had to try a new cast on method, which worked much better. I will certainly be more adventurous with my cast on techniques in the future…

Having spent so much time trying to cast on, I was desperate to make some progress. So I stuffed the ball of yarn into my skirt (why do I not have more pockets?) and followed lil’E around the house while she practised her furniture climbing and general rampaging skills. Got a couple of inches done, with many breaks and some hide and seek when the yarn turned out to be much more interesting than her box of toys.


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